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People and materials fascinate me. Their forms, their stories, how they come to be where and how they are. I love the way they change and keep changing, often so gradually the process goes unnoticed. I am continually taken by surprise and appreciation. I seek to reflect this in my work.

Based near Huddersfield in the rural Pennines Heather works locally, nationally and internationally on a variety of commissions, events and exhibitions.

Heather is predominantly a sculptor in wood but also creates work in stone, textiles, mark making and various other materials.

Her pieces vary in scale from tiny objects that can be cradled in the hand, to standing tree stump carvings that can measure several metres in height for both public and private spaces.

Heather uses a variety of materials, preferring to utilise reclaimed materials which range from timber arising from local tree work, to industrial timbers and old church pews. This is partly to do with sustainability but also due to her own interest in found objects and using existing forms to inform new pieces.

Heather takes inspiration from the human form and ideas of beauty. Her pieces are quiet and tactile, accessible through both sight and touch to people from all walks of life and suitable for a wide range of settings.

Each piece is unique and emerges as a result of the relationship between artist, material, client and space.