Based in Golcar near Huddersfield in the rural Pennines, I work both locally and nationally, showing at exhibitions throughout the country, details of which may be found on my news page.

Pieces vary in scale from tiny pieces that may be held in the hand, to large tree stump carvings, several metres in height for public and private spaces. I use a variety of materials, preferring to utilise reclaimed materials which range from street trees to industrial timbers and old church pews. This is partly to do with sustainability, but also due to my own interest in found objects and using existing forms to inform new pieces.

I take inspiration from the human form and ideas of beauty. My pieces are quiet and tactile, accessible through both sight and touch to people from all walks of life and suitable for a wide variety of settings.

Each piece is unique, created between myself as the artist, the qualities of the material in which I work, and in the case of commissions, the client. In these commissioned pieces the initial stage is a discussion between us, ideas worked out through sketches which are then translated into a working sketch. The piece is then created using a combination of power and hand tools, working with the particular features and qualities of the material.

Form Artworks